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 Post subject: Re: paintball equipment, whole kit, NEED HEEEEEEEEELP!
PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, 2009 11:51 pm 
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I didnt read everything that was posted.

But I'm sure whatever I'm about to say was mentionted some where.

Marker wise it really depends on you, I mostly rec tippmanns cause they seem to be pretty durable
Even though mine is giving me a hard time.

and for masks.. DON'T BUY WHAT LOOKS COOL.

You have to try them on, for peoples face and headshape is different.
For example. the DYE i4 is cool, but really small so.. no offense to any fat people here (i used to be 240lbs) It would look like your face is poping out on the side and it probably wont cover you that well if you're on the meaty side.
The masks I've owned was DYE I3 08 Thermal HD // DYE I4 // Empire E-vents // Proto // V-force
oh and JT .. Not sure.. some cheapo i had to buy at the field cause my proto cracked in.

Vforce is great for the price, it's easy to breath in and visual is great.
I personally love Empire e-vents.
but atm i'm just using up my Dyei4, it isnt all that great, my 08 I3 is still my fav choice if budget isnt a problem

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 Post subject: Re: paintball equipment, whole kit, NEED HEEEEEEEEELP!
PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2009 1:54 am 
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manipulator wrote:
really nice! now i have a better idea of what to buy. :) as it comes to the aluminum tanks, EmperorGix spoke only for 3000 psi. aren't there any 4500 psi aluminum tanks? what is the number before the "3000" (48/3000, 62/3000, 72/3000)? i suppose the bigger this number is, the more air the tank can hold? is it better to have a 3000 tank or a 4500? apart from the tank and the remote, are there any other parts i have to buy, to get the air into my marker (i mean regulators etc), or everything is included?
You are correct. The first number tells how many cubic inches of air or nitrogen the bottle will hold.** The second number tells you the pressure (in PSI - pounds per square inch,) that the gas is stored inside the bottle at. The more pressure you put on something, the more you can store. If the second number is higher, you can hold more gas, inch for inch, in the bottle. There are two commonly available pressures - 3000 and 4500. 5000 PSI HPA bottles are out there, but are rather expensive and not everyone can fill them to their full potential. Pretty much anyone nowadays (around here - a rural area,) can fill 4500 PSI bottles, though. Either will get you the benefits of HPA. However, while 4500 PSI bottles hold more gas, they tend to cost more.

I'm not quite sure about there being a plain old aluminum 4500 PSI HPA bottle without the fiber wrapping. They're probably out there, but I'm unaware. Other than the remote line, you don't need anything to run the air from your back to your marker. The HPA bottles come with regulators and everything you'll need. Screw the HPA bottle into the remote line, screw the remote line into your marker, gas it up, and you're good to go. You may want to buy a 'fill nipple' cover and a thread protector... The fill nipple cover stops dirt and junk from getting into the fill nipple, and the thread protector will do just what it sounds like it will do. Image Image

Not sure if you've heard this before, but to go ahead and get this out of the way: NEVER put oil into the fill nipple. As a matter of fact, keep oil away from your HPA bottle, period.

**Note: Nitrogen, or N2 can also be used in an HPA bottle with no changes to any part of your gear.

If I'm forgetting anything, I apologize. I'm pretty sure someone will catch my error(s,) pretty quickly. :)

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